Tour de Office 2016

22nd - 26th of August Sydney & Melbourne
5th - 9th of September Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth



13202 KM






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Welcome to

Tour de Office

Established in 2011, the Tour de Office event aims to raise awareness about the health risks office workers face by sitting for prolonged periods of time. Research shows that sitting for over 4 hours per day greatly increases your risk of chronic disease no matter how much exercise you do.

During the week-long event, organisations across Australia host a bike within their workplace and staff ride 30 minute legs to raise awareness about this real health risk facing office-bound workers. Tour de Office also offers participating organisations a chance to raise funds for a charity of their choice through peer-to-peer fundraising.

The Foundation is supported by our board of directors, click here to meet our board.

The reason we ride

The human body was designed to move... and to keep moving. The only way to reduce the risk of chronic diseases is to break up the amount of time we spend sitting each day with exercise.

Host a Bike

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Tour de Office is a ready made event. We’ll provide you with everything you need to successfully run the event in your organisation. Contact Us for more information today.

Register to Ride

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Encourage your workplace to host a bike and you’ll be able to ride within the comfort of your office and raise much needed funds for a charity of your choice!


Sydney & Melbourne
  • 22nd - 26th of August
  • Various office locations
  • 22
  • Aug
Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth
  • 5th - 9th of September
  • Various office locations
  • 5
  • Sep

Tour De Office - 2015 Event Snapshot

In 2015 we collectively raised $212,000 across 23 participating organisations across Australia. We rode 18,137km in 708 hours and promoted the importance of healthy workplace activities to almost 1,500 riders.

Find out how you can get involved. Contact us today.